Invisible Friends: Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes offers a glimpse at some rarely known facts regarding the writing of Alan Ayckbourn's plays with material drawn from the Ayckbourn Archive at the University Of York and the playwright's personal archive.
  • Alan Ayckbourn's family plays often complement his adult plays and Invisible Friends (1989) is closely linked to Woman In Mind (1985); both feature a protagonist who creates an imaginary family to escape her real family. The link is emphasised by the fact that Lucy, the young protagonist of Invisible Friends, is also the name of Susan's imaginary daughter in Woman In Mind; Alan Ayckbourn rarely reuses names within his plays - particularly not within such a short space of time - so it seems likely a deliberate reference to the earlier play.
  • Soon after the National Theatre, London, produced Invisible Friends in 1991, Alan Ayckbourn contributed to an award-winning BBC documentary about the phenomena of invisible friends. The Lowdown - You've Got A Friend was first broadcast in April 1992 and won the Special Prize at the European Television Festival in Reims, France.
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